Thursday, July 29, 2004

...now with added bonus features! 

A new feature on "...but mostly rants" is The Shameless Plug.  Scroll down and you'll see it on my side bar.

The first link is to SaraRed's new project, RedScience.  This is a site that will hopefully be able to explain science (well, genetics anyway) to the un-scienced.  Red's done a pretty good job of writing in such a way that you shouldn't be overwhelmed by the language. 

And, having absolutely NOTHING to do with my plug here, I just happen to have a posting there, too.  I attempted to explain my research in an easy to understand, and unsuccessfully humorous, way. 

Scientists and the discoveries they make tend to be villified by movies, the press, republicans...
I think everyone should have a basic understanding before they go making snap judgements like "stem cell research is bad" and "all cloning should be banned."  Got news for you - cloning has been going on for much longer than you'd think.  But because you hear the word cloning and think "dolly the sheep" and "human clones will take over the world!", cloning has gotten a bad wrap. 

Sarah explains things like stem cell research very well.  You should all check it out.

The second plug is a site started by Celti, called Beatdown!  It's a group effort to fill the void left by People who Deserve a Beatdown, who apparently ran out of people to beat.  If you want to be able to post to beatdown, go to celti's site and leave your email address.  Together we'll beatdown the idiots and dumbasses of the world!