Friday, July 09, 2004

Evilsciencechick recommended reading 

Not that she needs my endorsement, because she is a friggin GENIUS! And if you haven't read her blog yet you must be living in a hole somewhere. But I nearly fell on the floor laughing when I read Mimi Smartypants this morning:

Nora [her baby] headed straight for the play kitchen and started turning knobs on the oven and opening and closing the refrigerator door, and then she cracked me up by finding some baby dolls and playing Crack Ho Mom. She had a white doll and a black doll (Nora! Where your baby daddies at?), and she stuffed the white doll into a toy highchair as if to feed it. She was unsure what to do with the black doll, and there was only one highchair, so she ended up stuffing the black doll in there as well, creating a precarious pile of at-risk infants in dire need of a visit from their social worker. Then she threw some plastic cookies on the highchair tray and wandered off. You brats shut up and eat your Chips Ahoy! Mama's got tricks to turn!

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Any woman who can liken her child to a crackwhore and have it be funny deserves a pulitzer.

woo! yeah...I should go to work now...