Monday, July 12, 2004

bullet successfully dodged... 

Guys, you can probably skip this one. gross girly stuff.

Last night: nothin

this morning: nothing

midmorning: nothing

offically 2 1/2 days late, while on the PILL, and usually I can set a CLOCK to it. not good not good not good.

left work at 11:30, anxious, still feeling crappy from yesterday (what DID i eat? maybe morning sickness, except all day sickness? what the hell is going on??)

tired of not knowing, tired of worrying, stop into walgreens for test (walgreen's brand, 2 tests for $12, how cheap am I?) mentally rehearse phone conversations with K and women's health center people.

get home, hyperventilate a little, throw box on couch

decided check one more time...please god, please...


I have never been so happy to get my period. Never.

I need to lie down for a bit...